Facebook & Orkut

Facebook has gained tremendous attention time over the past few months. Ever since facebook opened up for everyone and brought in a platform, they have been in the news almost everyday. There doesn’t go a single day when I do not read some news about facebook. I got on to the social networking bus via Orkut. This was probably almost 2 years back I suppose.
Orkut is the most popular site among Indians and so it was easy to find many of my friends from work, college and school on it. I found a friend after 14 years and got in touch with him via Orkut. So it has been a going good till now. What I really disliked about Orkut was its horrible UI and its unreliable service. Facebook has been an interesting experience till now, I like its UI and the fact that I can add new apps to my profile. People are developing some really cool apps for it and I think its a great strategy to get people spending online time on the site. A great feature that I liked on Facebook was the mini feed which shows all updates from your network. Well Orkut just added this functionality few days back and also changed its UI to look more like the facebook UI. My friend list on Facebook is way lesser than that on Orkut but is also not the same from Orkut. Facebooks concept of network and groups is kinda confusing and overlapping. As for now I am sticking to Orkut as my primary, but Facebook is definitely interesting.

Facebook & Orkut

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