GOOG Quote

I came across a very interesting quote by Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google.

SCHMIDT: The company isn’t run for the long-term value of our shareholders
but for the long-term value of our end users.

How many times have we heard anyone in corporate world say this? Don’t search for the answer.

It is Zero.

A lot of companies focus on their customers, but when it comes to defining key success
metric, almost everyone I have heard, talks about shareholder return and value.

Focusing on your customers, and delivering long term value to your customers
as opposed to focusing on shareholder return,  this is a mantra that separate’s
a good company from a great one.

Google when it started out, did not really have a business model. But they focussed on
delivering a great search experience for their users and this eventually helped the
company build themselves into what it is today. This is the key reason that they are
a great company.

GOOG Quote