Jaithirth Rao on India

Jaithirth Rao is one of my favorite columnists along with Subroto Bagchi, from the Indian tech industry.

Jaithirth or Jerry Rao is a regular columnist on Indian Express and wrote a
very interesting column called Phiphty-phiphty nation
It is a great read. Here is an excerpt from it.

What can we celebrate? Our education system works. Luckily, we have insisted
on learning by rote and on our students passing impossibly difficult examinations.
Not for us the soft, permissive easy-going educational systems of some other
countries. Learning algebra and biology, accounting and calculus takes precedence
over discussions on gestalt. Thank God for that. Our engineers and doctors, our
accountants and MBAs continue to be some of the best in the world.

Jaithirth Rao on India

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