Flashed out on iPhone – Is it Quicktime?

Steve Jobs announced that Flash will not be on iPhone. He dashed the hopes of me
& millions like me who were looking forward to viewing all those cool Flash app’s
& videos on iPhone.

A lot of sites use Flash in some form or the other. The amount of rich audio
& video content that is available via Flash is absolutely amazing. As a delivery
platform, Flash has gained a tremendous amount of following, both in the
development community as well as on the user base. To not have Flash supported
on iPhone is nothing less than shocking as a consumer.

Do we see Microsoft Silverlight seizing the iPhone opportunity?
Unlikely (Unless Steve Jobs is returning a favor back to MSFT). I suspect
Apple to provide a Quicktime based platform which would compete
with Flash & Silverlight.

Flashed out on iPhone – Is it Quicktime?

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