Flashed out on iPhone – Is it Quicktime?

Steve Jobs announced that Flash will not be on iPhone. He dashed the hopes of me
& millions like me who were looking forward to viewing all those cool Flash app’s
& videos on iPhone.

A lot of sites use Flash in some form or the other. The amount of rich audio
& video content that is available via Flash is absolutely amazing. As a delivery
platform, Flash has gained a tremendous amount of following, both in the
development community as well as on the user base. To not have Flash supported
on iPhone is nothing less than shocking as a consumer.

Do we see Microsoft Silverlight seizing the iPhone opportunity?
Unlikely (Unless Steve Jobs is returning a favor back to MSFT). I suspect
Apple to provide a Quicktime based platform which would compete
with Flash & Silverlight.

Flashed out on iPhone – Is it Quicktime?

Jaithirth Rao on India

Jaithirth Rao is one of my favorite columnists along with Subroto Bagchi, from the Indian tech industry.

Jaithirth or Jerry Rao is a regular columnist on Indian Express and wrote a
very interesting column called Phiphty-phiphty nation
It is a great read. Here is an excerpt from it.

What can we celebrate? Our education system works. Luckily, we have insisted
on learning by rote and on our students passing impossibly difficult examinations.
Not for us the soft, permissive easy-going educational systems of some other
countries. Learning algebra and biology, accounting and calculus takes precedence
over discussions on gestalt. Thank God for that. Our engineers and doctors, our
accountants and MBAs continue to be some of the best in the world.

Jaithirth Rao on India

Monkeying around

Cricket has stooped to a ridiculous level with the Harbhajan & Symonds controversy.
Read my post below on the top sledges in cricket, and judge for yourself if this issue
was more offensive or even racist. Calling someone monkey is definitely not a racist
remark, in India. The origin of this ‘monkey’ controversy was in India –
Baroda & Mumbai where a section of the crowd booed Symonds calling him a
monkey, specifically called out saying “What is a monkey doing along with the
kangaroo’s”. Seriously do you think crowd knew that ‘monkey’ was a racist term?
And did they really intend to hurt the Aussie player by the racist term – “monkey”?
I would be surprised if any one meant it as a racist slur but rather it was mocking
of the player. Come on, with the way he come on the field he sure could be mistaken
for one.

What did u see?? A monkey!!!!!!!!

And if this article were to be believed, the strong Aussie player who likes to “play hard”, was deeply hurt. Baloney!!!
And yes the Aussie players are a bunch of weenies if this is the truth

Monkeying around

Most disgraceful moment in modern cricketing history

Most disgraceful moment in modern cricketing history –
and guess who was responsible? – Greg Chappell

This is a perfect example of Aussies play the game in the right spirit.
Ricky Ponting has had a lot of great examples to look up to like
Greg Chappell & McGrath to name a few.


“There’s no way I grounded that ball. If you’re actually questioning my integrity in
the game, then you shouldn’t be standing there.”

Source: via Prem Panicker

Most disgraceful moment in modern cricketing history